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April 11th, 2008, 16:48
1stsf/ss and all other clans even whos website i can not access are welcome to the king of the server event tonight.
You can be from mixed clans, no clans or as many teams as you want from one clan. 6 players.

Realism Break Friday Night Kings of the Server Showdown!!!!!!

Think you got what it takes to hold a server against all comers? Well now is your chance to find out. This ain't no tournament. Your scores dont matter. Your stats don't matter? You win or you lose. Winners keep the server. Losers do the walk of shame.

WHEN: This Friday Night (11 April) at 9:00pm East Coast Time (Kings final to take place at or around Midnight)

WHERE: Show up on the TL server (IP- to arrange chalenges or scrims

Matches will be played on the Realism1 Servers.

2 servers running Kings of the Server

2 Servers running Scrims of various sizes (teams of four and larger)

Here is the idea:

Bring a team of 6 from Realism1 Unit (loosely speaking). Winner keeps the server. Losers are eliminated from that server but can challenge the current holder of other server. Lose once on both servers and you are in scrim land or done for the night - your choice.

Don't have a team of six. There will be scrims all night on two servers. Put together a team on the scrim server to challenge a Kings team (I will try to keep an eye on this so we dont have the same team challenging again and again under different name... Oi! Misfits that you challenging again innit? No.. um... erm.. we are the, umm.. Unlikelies. What never heard of us? Been around for ages and ages!). Everyone seemed to enjoy the scrims last week and it is my guess that ETS are still looking for 35thID.

OK... notice this is not about how many games you win. Sure, sure you can brag (or complain) about that, but to hold the server you gotta win em all (or the last one). Talk about realism.

NOTE: at some unnamed time we will cease accepting challengers. Make of that what you will (but show up too late and you aint gunna play, show up at 11:55 wanting to challenge innit gunna fly).

Around Midnight we will have Kings of the Server Final At that time (unless you have thoroughly drubbed all challengers before then) the holders of the two Kings servers will meet in a one time only loser walks, winner takes all throwdown. Winner gets the completely meaningless and unofficial title "R1 Break Kings of the Server Champions". Last week I think we had 8 different clans scrimming... so be ready for a fight.

Is this the best way to do this? NO! Will it seem a totally fair and considered result? NO! Will it be a chaotic night of competition and scrimming? You betcha!

Basic R1 play rules loosely apply.

Hope this has been sufficiently confusing for all.

April 11th, 2008, 17:12
r1 rules = config, no rpg, no 2nd perks etc

April 11th, 2008, 17:16

April 12th, 2008, 00:32
ill be on our ts around 9 est if anybody else wants to do this ill see you there