View Full Version : 45th ID Challenge

Copeland [45th ID]
July 25th, 2009, 23:47
Greetings 1st SS!

Was hoping we could get a scrim together, if you can help put these details together, we can meet on battlefield again!

Call of Duty Platform: World at War

Contact Information: COL Copeland - xfire: sodefcopeland - teamspeak: password: thunder - Home: www.45thinfantry.com
Server Address & Password: password = 1stSS
Number of Players: Anywhere from 6+
Mod Version: Either Open WarFare or BRM - we have both setup for TR
Weapon Restrictions: Same as TR Rules - will confirm modifications to # of players

Gametype: S & D
Number of Rounds or Time Limit: 13 rounds - 1st to 7
Draw or Tie Breaker: First to acquire victory in 3 rounds. (Teams would switch sides on last map played)
45th Chosen Map: mp_ax_neuville
Axis or Allies: Allies
Opponent Chosen Map: (Pending)
Axis or Allies: Allies

Date: Friday July 31st
Time: 9PM EST

We can work with any of these details. Ill check back up!


July 31st, 2009, 19:23
Hey Copeland,

I have added you on xfire regarding this scrim. Obviously it's too late to play on the arranged date, however I'm sure we can organise another allowing us to set up a team.

My username is: dannysilence.