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July 29th, 2009, 23:03
To whom it may concern:

My name is 2LT.Longhorn of the 7th Cavalry, the below statement was posted on our website requesting a scrim. we have accepted but I am unable to contact anyone about this. I am the Team leader for thisevent and would like to talk to someone about the date, time and particulars. The person who contacted use was LaSallian. I have been trying to make contact now for about a week. Can someone in charge of the scrims please contact me. I have teamspeak but we don't use it, but if some would like to talk you can fine me on line (usually on the 7th Cav server) or email me at [email protected]

Thank you

When: Monday 3rd August 2009
Time: 20:00EST
Server: Pw: TBA


Ours: Carentan, Axis
Yours: TBA

Players: 8v8 or more.

Weapons limits: 1 scope, 1 MG (includes mp44), 2 semi autos, 2 SMG's, Unlimited bolts.

Server setup: We have tanks, recon, arty and dogs turned off. The rounds are 6 minutes in length, the first to win 7 rounds wins the map. The gametype will be S+D.
Perk 1 is available, with bettys, satchels, extra ammo and 2 x grenades the only available perks.
Perk 2 is disabled, Perk 3 is disabled.
Bayonet is the only attachment available. We have custom spawn and objective points on most of our maps. Our server runs the Openwarfare MOD.

Here are our basic rules. I am sure that they are pretty standard.

We are a Tactical Realism Unit and play by TR Rules. These are:

1) No Run and Gun: When firing your weapon at an enemy, your sights Must be used.
2) No Spam Explosives. Also do not throw or explosives over buildings or into area's where you have not Seen, Heard, or been Told of an enemy presence. Smokes, and flares are fine.
3) No Bunny/Ledging/Glitching: Do not jump up and down to avoid enemy fire, stand on thin objects that make you appear to be floating, or using glitches such as firing at a foot hanging through an obviously solid wall.
4) No Bad Jumps: Jumping/Falling on purpose to a point that you become damaged is not allowed.
5) Running is allowed.

Other Guidelines:
1) The Scrimmage will consist of two maps. The "home" team (Unit who's server is being used for the match) will decide the first map and the side. The "visitor" team will have the choice of which map and side they play on the second map map. (This will all be decided before the Scrimmage starts.)
2) All participants of the Scrimmage must be in server 5 minutes before the match begins. If someone is missing, the Scrimmage will not be put on hold to wait for players. The team missing a player must play man down, if they refuse they will be forced to forfeit the match.
3) Before, During, and After matches use of global chat should be minimal and respectful.
4) Be respectful! Becoming Silly in the middle of a scrimmage only reflects bad upon your own clan.

NOTE: Repeated breaking of Rules during the match and/or failure to comply to these will result in Forfeit of the offending team.

July 31st, 2009, 19:17
Hey Longhorn,

LaSallian is currently away and so this is why you haven't received a reply. From here onwards, I will be taking up the administration of this scrim.

I have added you on Xfire. My username is: dannysilence.

I will be in contact regarding this scrim over xfire.