Greetings to you all here at SFSS!

I recently noticed your clan listing on the TWI forums and saw that your clan might be interested in competing at RO2:HOS. If you're indeed thinking about getting involved in RO's North American competitive scene, I am here today to invite you to check out the longest running competition site for Red Orchestra, RO:Ladder. This website has been hosting competition for Red Orchestra since the early mods days in 2004, and is the only remaining RO competitive community website still in operation. Over the past 7 years the organization experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. However, without ROL there would be no competitive community for Red Orchestra today.

As a formerly labeled ROL "hater", I can personally attest that while in the past there was drama at ROL, things have changed. RO2 presents our community with the golden opportunity to start with a clean slate for all. For a few years in ROOST's final days, I helped found and admin the North American based competition site called RO:League. We showed that there was a decent NA community for ROOST and without a doubt there can be a great one with RO2.

I've been recently brought on as a member of the ROL staff, filling the position of NA Game Admin, and thus I am here to invite you to join us in strengthening the North American clanscene for RO2. The ROL website had a complete overhaul and looks incredible. The functionality is there. The user friendliness is there. The history and support is there. The only thing we are really lacking is more NA teams to compete!

Please consider registering your clan to compete with the best that North American and the World has to offer! Also, please feel free to contact me personally if you'd like to know anything else regarding ROL or RO's North American clan scene!

- bswearer

Co-Leader -[SiN]- Clan
NA Game Admin at RO:Ladder
Former Founder/Admin at ROLeague