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Thread: cod ww2

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    cod ww2

    you uys see the grahpics in cod ww2 coming out? amazing are you considering moving to that and also any thought of going to xbox? it seems easier than completely rebuilding computers all the time. just thought Id ask. by the way miss you guys and girls and it was great while it lasted. take care peace out shoot me a line when you can Im still on fb but dont check it much

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    Re: cod ww2

    Howdy Gents... I am pre-ordering this game tomorrow. It looks great. Haven't played any fps in forever but this looks awesome. It reminds me of the good ole days and how I got started in this long lived clan. I miss playing games with u guys.

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    Re: cod ww2

    Great to hear from you guys! Stop by on TS sometime, we've only got a small group of us left playing various games but you'll recognize the faces.

    Demon I would stay with PC, you get a far better experience and quality. An upgrade now lasts you at least 5 years if you go mid-high range.



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