You can't just join the SFSS... clan membership is by invitation only.
  • Join our Forum
  • Complete our Application Form
  • Frequent our game servers
  • Be polite and considerate of your fellow players
  • Play with your team
  • Use TeamSpeak for voice communications.
  • Most importantly: Don't bring attention to yourself by constantly asking to be recruited.
  • Be proficient in the supported game (note we didn't say excellent or very good or have high kill ratios).
  • Agree to the clan membership fee of $3 US per month. This is to pay for TS channels, the game server, and our forum host. With monthly costs hovering around $125 a token fee is necessary

Expectations and Information for New SFSS Recruits

After a certain waiting period for review, and your clan dues are paid you will receive your Pvt. tags.

For the sake of uniformity, all clan members are to use the "SFSS" clan tag prefix before the rank for their usenames in Teamspeak. For example, TS: [SFSS]MasterRuby-Capt and In game: [SFSS]MasterRuby-Capt

  • Follow our Teamspeak rules.
  • Attend training as often as you can! The training staff keeps track of who attends training and that make effect your eligibility in scrims and matches.



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Posting Permissions
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