While playing on our servers, please adhere to the following rules we have set forth.

  • Pilots need to be in Teamspeak. Clan members can ban you from piloting.
  • Follow all orders from "Console" and/or any member wearing the SFSS tags. Do not argue with Console at anytime. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly you may file a grievance.
  • Do NOT Kill or Wounding a team member. If you intentionally do this, you shall be subject to a kick/ban. Please apologize for any accidental TK's/TW's IN SIDE CHAT.
  • Do NOT spam chat
  • Do NOT use sexually oriented, derogatory, or racist comments
  • Do NOT post personal information, e-mail/web addresses, skype names, xfire, teamspeak addresses, or IP's
  • Do NOT use excessive foul language
  • Do NOT recruit on our servers you will be banned
  • Do NOT Invite other players, including clan members to leave our server to play another game or server. This will be deemed to be a violation of our rule against recruiting on our server.

Thank you all in advance, SFSS Clan
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