Teamspeak 3 Information
STEP 1: Download the TeamSpeak client here.
STEP 2: Choose the Teamspeak 3 Client and after downloading is complete, install the client.
STEP 3: Insert our Teamspeak IP address: Note: There is NO password.

Teamspeak 3 Rules

By using our teamspeak you agree to abide by our rules.

  • The SFSS public Team Speak channel is open for voice communications while playing any game supported by the SFSS.
  • The private channels are for SFSS members and clan business only.
  • Keep communications to the game and supported game issues only.
  • When talking be brief and to the point.
  • Set TS key binds to allow rapid switching between channels. If you need help feel free to ask.

NOTE: Our servers and Teamspeak 3 Server are patrolled by the SFSS Military Police (MP), they have the authority to kick and ban those that abuse the service.

Thank you and we hope this enhances your gaming experience.

How do you turn off the notifications?

Option 1. You can go under settings, options, notifications, and once your under there in the top left area it should say Default Soundpack or Default Text to Speech click on the button and select Sounds Deactivated. This option makes it so you don't hear any notifications what so ever.

Option 2. You can go here and download this file. One you download this file you'll need to extract it( I suggest you extract it to your desktop). Once you've extracted it, find your Teamspeak 3 program file. Usually located under C:\Program Files\. All your gonna do is drag and drop your Sound file folder from the file you downloaded into your Teamspeak 3 program file. You will need to select yes to overwrite. Once thats done you will then go back into Teamspeak 3 and under settings, options, notifications and under the same arrow as before where it says default something, select Clean Sounds and Short TTS. You can then go under the Client option and change what you want to hear and with this file installed it cuts down on what is said when people join, leave, or switch channels.

Option 3. If you liked the Teamspeak 2 notifications you can go here and download this sound pack (link coming) and install it the same way as the in the previous option and there ya go.

Option 4. If you don't want to download anything you can go under settings, options, notifications, and under the client option change what you hear there.

Why do people tell me to change my Phonetic nickname and how do I do that.

The reason why people tell you change your Phonetic nickname is because they have it set so they hear what people are joining and leaving and if you haven't set your Phonetic nickname its gonna read your tags first then your name and then your rank so it does get a little annoying. Now to change your Phonetic nickname you need to click on self at the top and select Set phonetic nickname its the one with the upside down E. All you need to put in there is your Nickname and click on the play to see how it sounds you may need to play with your name to get it right.

How to set your name.

To set your nickname if you didn't get it right the first time and every time you get promoted. All you need to do is right click on your name and change it in there. Once you have it correctly in there your gonna wanna make a bookmark to make joining up easy. So click on Bookmarks and add to bookmarks. Once you do that you can click on manage bookmarks and go in there and make sure your nickname in there represents what your nickname should be. Every time you get promoted you can go in there and change it.

Is there a Teamspeak overlay that you can use in-game.

You can go here and try out any one of these that you think would work best for you. Or you use Overwolf for an overlay.

How do you disable the text notifications at the bottom of the window?

You need to go into settings options and notifications then under client, click on Switched then click on To current channel and Away from current channel and you should see where it says Server double click on that and deselect it and repeat for all the options that you want. (This is so you don't get the text notification of people switching channels.) You can do it for all of them including Connect and Disconnect anything you want... Also to get rid of the channel group assigned stuff go thru the same process as before just click on Was assigned a Group and select Channel group and double click on Server and deselect it and your good to go. (this is to get rid of the part where it says Channel group "Guest ( 8 )" was assigned to "[SFSS]Battle-Cpl" by SFSS Tactical Realism Clan TS Server.)



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