Wolfsbane's Realism Mod (WRM)

The 1stSF/SS is proud to offer the home server for Wolfsbane's Realism Mod (WRM). WRM is intended to provide a more realistic, immersive game experience and to promote tactical game-play.

Server Side
WRM is a server-side only mod. Players are not required to download anything in order to join the server. Nearly every feature can be enabled or disabled and many of the features have multiple settings, allowing you to configure the features to your liking.

Use Key System
Wolfsbanes Realism Mod also features a Use Key System to expand upon current game-play and is standard with every Version of WRM.

To use the Use Key System you choose a function that you wish to use. For example, if you wish to bandage yourself you hit F once because bandage is the first function. Immediately hitting your Use Key you strike the key again and hold. The F key is the standard use button. If you wish to use the second function then you hit the use key twice and hold the use key a third time.

In order of appearance from the list:

1. Bandage - Used when to stop bleeding cause by injury. Bleeding is caused by being shot or taking shrapnel wounds. Sometimes bleeding is stopped automatically depending on the wound. The bandage function may also be used to bandage a teammate in case he or she is unable to do so.
2. Clear Weapons Jam - used to unjam your weapon. Most guns during the 1940's had high cyclic rates and therefore had an increased chance of jamming. While your gun is jammed you are unable to fire until you clear the weapon jam.
3. Discard Current Weapon – used to drop your weapon. The ability to discard is a very worthy function especially when you wish to change your primary weapon or switch weapons with a teammate.
4. Change Use Key Help – The function has 3 different modes. (Display only) Allows you to show information on each feature including the name and how to use it, or either shut the use key system off or turn it on.
5. Display Lagometer and FPS- Used to graphically display your lag. Also, the function displays your current frames per second.

Tactical Capture the Flag
TCTF is a new game-type based on the stock capture the flag. In the settings you are able to choose between regular CTF and WRM’s TCTF.

Tactical capture the flag has one team attacking, taking their own flag and trying to place it on the defender flag pole. The defending team cannot move their flag, but they can return the attacker’s flag if they touch it. Every five minutes the defenders manage to hold their territory, they are awarded 1 point. If the attackers succeed in capturing the territory, they are awarded 1 point and must defend their flag while the other team attacks. Spawn points switch appropriately.

Download WRM v.6.9 for COD2 here.
Download WRM v.6.0 for COD:UO here.
Download WRM for German Front Mod (GFM) for COD: UO here. NOTE: Requires separate GFM download to work. Not sure if this is the final version but I believe this is needed client side.



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