WWII Historical Units

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The Real World War II Units:

  • 1st Special Service Force

    1st Special Service Force was a unique joint formation of Canadian and American troops assigned to perform sabotage operations during World War II. Simply named "special forces" to conceal its "commando" or "ranger" purpose, this unit later gained fame as the "Devil's Brigade". It was at Anzio that the enemy dubbed the 1st Special Service Force as the "Devil's Brigade." The diary of a dead German soldier contained a passage that said, "The black devils (Die schwarze Teufeln) are all around us every time we come into the line." The soldier was referring to them as "black" because the brigade's members smeared their faces with black boot polish for their covert operations in the dark of the night.Highly successful in its many missions in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO), the 1SSF was disbanded in 1944 (or Jan 6, 1945 according to the U.S. Army) when it was decided that this special force was no longer required. The success, esprit and discipline of the 1SSF became the template for building modern Special Forces world wide.
  • 17 Schultzstaffel was the 17.SS

    17 Schultzstaffel was the 17.SS Panzergrenadier-Division "Gotz von Berlichingen" (GvB). This Waffen SS unit was created in Southern France in October 1943. By this time in the war high casualty rates had forced the SS to drop their strict adherence to "racially pure members". This unit was made up of training and replacement personnel and of "less desirable" Balkan Germans. By mid 1944 the GvB was in combat in Normandy, grossly undermanned and under equipped. Savaged by fighting and near constant retreat the division surrendered to U.S. forces near Achensee on May 7, 1945.
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